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Local Bakery Shares a Brief Guide to White Wine & Food Pairings August 11, 2017

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Local Bakery Shares a Brief Guide to White Wine & Food Pairings, Nekoosa, Wisconsin

Whether planning a casual meal with the family or an elegant dinner party, wine is a great accompaniment to many different types of food. If white wine is your preference, there are many excellent food choices to pair with it for a delectable dinner. The staff at Pritzl's Trading Post in Nekoosa, WI, often offers their customers tips on which wines to choose with which types of foods; the bakery has a wide variety of fresh baked bread, deli meats, and groceries to pair with craft beer, wine, and spirits. 

Below, the staff at this local bakery shares a brief guide to pairing white wine with food:

  • Choosing the Right Protein: Often, people pair wine with meat dishes. Although you can drink a crisp white with steak, the flavors of red meat often overshadow the delicate notes of white grapes. To make the sweet and citrus flavors of Chardonnay, Riesling, and other whites stand out, opt to pair them with chicken, pork, or fish. 
  • bakeryFinding a Balance With Desserts: Although white wine is typically lighter than red, not all varieties are created equally. Depending on the grape, tastes can range from dry and bitter to extremely sweet. If you want to pair white wine with dessert, try to land somewhere in the middle—choosing a naturally sweet wine might leave you with a sugar overload. Try Sauvignon Blanc with your next dessert or Pinot Grigio for a fuller-bodied taste. 
  • Selecting the Proper Snacks: White wine is often paired with fruit, cheese, and nuts before a big meal. If you want to provide a light snack while entertaining, salty snacks like pretzels, peanuts, and some soft cheeses make nice white pairings.

If you’re looking for fresh bakery items and additional fare to enjoy with your favorite bottle of wine, you’ll find numerous options at Pritzl's Trading Post in Nekoosa. To learn more about the inventory, call (715) 325-2281 today. You can also visit the company online for weekly specials. 

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