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Handling the Hardships of Hard Water August 11, 2017

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Handling the Hardships of Hard Water, La Crosse, Wisconsin

If you have hard water in your home, you know the inconveniences that can accompany it. It leaves behind a residue, making it more difficult to clean everything in your home. A water softener is the most effective and simple solution to hard water, but there are a few things you can do to combat its effects in the meantime.  

Side Effects of Hard Water

water softenerWater contains natural minerals. If there is an abundance of minerals, such as iron, you end up with the staining and plumbing problems of hard water. It can damage your appliances and build up in your plumbing, leaving you with a hefty repair bill when rust causes corrosive damage. Cosmetic issues also present when hard water is found in a home; rust can form on sinks, tubs, and inside your washing machine. While rust on sinks and tubs is unsightly, formations inside your washing machine can lead to dingy clothes and whites turning a dull yellow.

Solve the Problem With a Water Softener

One of the best ways to eliminate hard water is with the help of a water softener. These units are designed to filter out all the hard minerals and leave you with soft, clear water that doesn’t damage your appliances or ruin your clothes. Not only will a water softener help save you money on your plumbing repair bills, but it will also help save you time on cleaning your home. In the meantime, consider using vinegar as a temporary remedy. It can be utilized both in the wash and for cleaning purposes.


Learn about the benefits of installing a water softener from Bernie Buchner in La Crosse, WI. Instead of stressing out over the hard water in your home, take action with one of these effective units. These skilled contractors can install a new unit in your home quickly and easily. Visit them online or call (608) 784-9000.

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