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5 Ways to Find Foreclosure Homes From Your Local Real Estate Agents July 23, 2017

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5 Ways to Find Foreclosure Homes From Your Local Real Estate Agents, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Foreclosure homes can be found in both healthy and failing real estate markets. While it’s an unfortunate situation for the property’s previous owner, you may be able to benefit by landing your dream home for a bargain. The talented agents at Gilbert Realty have extensive experience navigating foreclosure listings and can help guide your search in the Mountain Home, AR, area.

5 Ways to Find Foreclosure Homes

1. Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents undoubtedly have more knowledge of communities and listings than most. Because of their many connections, hiring a real estate agent allows access to a wider selection of foreclosure homes quickly after they are listed. Additionally, some know about properties before they hit the market, which gives you an advantage over other buyers.

2. Bank Websites

Many large banks have a list of properties they own due to foreclosure. These homes are listed on their websites and can be a good starting point for your search. However, keep in mind that many banks don’t sell to individuals, so you may have to follow the listing to a third party. 

3. Popular Neighborhoods

foreclosure homesIf you have a specific neighborhood in mind, consider driving through it on a regular basis to search for real estate signs that designate foreclosure homes. You can then reach out to the agent for information on that home, as well as other properties they may have available. 

4. Real Estate Websites

Many real estate companies provide resources to their clients via their websites. For example, Gilbert Realty has a link that allows you to search foreclosure homes. They also link to the larger Arizona area, so you can view a complete list of potential properties. Other realty websites such as Zillow allow you to filter your search, so you can find that foreclosed mountain home you’ve been dreaming about. 

5. Government Agencies

Some government agencies, such as Housing and Urban Development (HUD), maintain a list of foreclosure homes on their websites. When dealing with these listings, it’s best to have a qualified broker on your side who can walk you through the process. However, some will allow you to work on your own.

Searching foreclosed home listings is a great way to get more square footage for your budget. While they may be harder to find, these five resources will allow you to view properties before you decide to buy. To enlist the help of a qualified agent and make the process simpler, contact Gilbert Realty by phone at (870) 425-6282 or visit their website for a list of agents and direct email addresses.

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