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3 Common Misconceptions About Medical Hypnotherapy August 11, 2017

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3 Common Misconceptions About Medical Hypnotherapy, Springdale, Ohio

We are all familiar with the cliché hypnotist in movies or on stage who lulls participants to sleep before convincing them to perform ludicrous acts. However, this isn’t the case with medical hypnotherapy. Patients who have come to Hypnotic Solutions in Cincinnati, OH, have benefited from stress reduction, changes to their weight, and found the strength to quit smoking after learning how to harness the power of their own brain. Here, the practice shares three common misconceptions that often arise around hypnotherapy.

3 Common Misconceptions About Medical Hypnotherapy

It’s All a Stage Show

Possibly the biggest misconception about hypnosis is that it’s a party trick performed on stage in Las Vegas. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Medical hypnotherapy can be traced back thousands of years in many cultures around the world. Once commonly used as a surgical pain management tool before the invention of ether gas, hypnosis is now practiced by everyone from physicians and dentists to therapists and social workers.

Hypnosis Renders You Powerless

medical hypnotherapyHow many times have you watched a movie where the character being hypnotized was unconscious or powerless during the entire hypnosis session? This is a misconception that has been fueled time and time again by Hollywood. During medical hypnotherapy, you will be sitting or laying quietly with your eyes closed, and you will still be awake throughout your session. It is more of a deeply relaxed state than an unconscious rendering.

Hypnosis Is a Cure-All

Hypnosis is often seen as a magical cure to those who might be struggling to quit smoking or lose weight. However, medical hypnotherapy is no different than any other medical treatment. The same approach won’t work for everyone, and it’s best to go into your session with an open mind.

Medical hypnotherapy can be highly effective when used in conjunction with other treatments. For example, a patient who has been visiting a psychiatrist to address recurring depression might find hypnosis complements their existing treatment plan.

If you have been trying to quit smoking, lose weight or treat anxiety, call Hypnotic Solutions today to schedule your first medical hypnotherapy session. Certified hypnotherapist and registered nurse Margaret Arthur has more than 31 years of nursing experience and blends knowledge of the body and mind to help patients harness the power within. Learn more by visiting their website or calling (513) 205-5669.

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