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Increase Productivity & Morale With Innovative Office Design & Office Furniture January 13, 2015

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Increase Productivity & Morale With Innovative Office Design & Office Furniture, Rahway, New Jersey

Major corporations spend millions of dollars each year on consultants to help strategize ways of improving employee morale and increasing productivity. Research shows that happy employees tend to work harder and more efficiently, stay with one company longer, make fewer mistakes, and in general have a higher quality of life.

With the help of Extra Office Interiors in Rahway, you can address one major component of employee happiness: interior decor. Research shows that the way an office is set up in terms of furniture, floor plan, privacy, and comfort has a major impact on productivity and general morale. Workplace design is a growing industry, and no two workplaces are exactly alike.

The experts at Extra Office Interiors can help you regarding furniture selection and layout for your business. They advise that you begin by thinking about your employees’ personality types. 

Some workplaces thrive on an open concept design where employees can easily talk to each other, collaborate, and socialize. If you’re in an industry that demands a lot of group work and tends to have a strongly extroverted workforce, this might be the right option. Extroverts need lots of personal interaction and excitement in their space in order to focus. Open plan workstations are an easy way to transform your space into a haven of extrovert creativity.

On the other hand, if your workforce tends to be comprised of introverted deep-thinker types, a higher level of privacy may be appreciated. More fully enclosed cubicles will allow your workers independence, which will increase their focus and overall happiness. For introverts, interruption can equal frustration, and small talk is often undesirable; they will thrive on working in an independent workspace and quiet atmosphere.

Of course, most groups have a mix of both introverted and extraverted employees. To design a space that will work for your whole workforce, let Extra Office Interiors help with your selection. They can help you choose from a huge variety of office furniture and space solutions that are sure to foster an environment of positivity and productivity. Call them today at (732) 381-9774 or visit their website for more information. 

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