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4 Important Garage Door FAQs Answered August 11, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
4 Important Garage Door FAQs Answered, Rochester, New York

Having a quality garage door as part of your home or commercial business makes storage and safety much more convenient. That’s why locals throughout the greater Rochester, NY, area choose to work with Felluca Overhead Door.

As experts in both installation and garage door repair, they help clients find the perfect option to suit their unique needs on a daily basis. With a commitment to providing unparalleled customer service, they take pride in helping to answer any and all questions so you feel fully informed before choosing your door. 

A Guide to Garage Doors

How Much Does a Garage Door Cost?

The price of a garage door can vary significantly based on a variety of factors from the size and materials to insulation and any custom requirements. The best way to determine your costs is to visit a showroom. A sales representative can walk you through options and present a budget based on what you’re looking for.

Is Installation Included in the Price?

Garage DoorInstallation and labor will be an additional charge. This price varies based on whether your garage door company will need to remove a previous door, and whether you have decided on extra accessories, such as an automatic garage door opener or insulation. 

Can You Paint a Garage Door?

Yes, most garage doors are excellent candidates for a paint job. This provides added flexibility so your door can fit seamlessly into your home or commercial space’s color palette and design. It is recommended that you use water-based paints so the final product is clean and even. 

How Long Will My New Door Last?

If you take great care of your garage door and embrace routine maintenance and inspections, your door can last upwards of 30 years. Most automatic door openers will last roughly a decade. 

If you’re looking for an overhead door installation or garage door repairs in the greater Rochester, NY, area, Felluca Overhead Door is your one-stop shop for quality products and service. Call their offices today at (585) 467-2391 to tell them about your needs. For more information on this trusted local business, check out their website

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