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Local Storage Facility Shares 3 Reasons You Should Insure Stored Items August 11, 2017

West Chester, Butler
Local Storage Facility Shares 3 Reasons You Should Insure Stored Items, West Chester, Ohio

When choosing a storage facility, most people look for one that is affordable and nearby. However, there are other factors to consider like the safety of your belongings. Ideally, you should not only choose a storage unit that is secure and climate-controlled but also insure all the items you store. Below, Tri-County Mini Storage in Hamilton, OH, explains why the latter is so important.

3 Reasons You Should Insure Stored Items

1. Inadequate Policies

You may think that your homeowners or renters insurance policies will cover any property you place in storage. However, many of these plans don’t offer the same coverage to items that aren’t in your home or on the surrounding property. Stored ATVs, RVs, motorcycles, and cars, for example, are often not insured. Talk with your insurance provider to learn if the items you’re storing are covered under existing policies or if you should purchase additional plans.

2. Potential Damage

storage unitsLet’s say you’re placing priceless antiques in your storage unit. If the air conditioning vent in the ceiling malfunctions and leaks, your belongings may be ruined. Without coverage, it’s harder to replace the monetary value of these damaged goods. If you have insurance, however, you will already know the exact worth of your stored belongings and receive reimbursement according to the policy. 

3. Peace of Mind

Natural disasters, insect infestations, and power outages happen every year. Why risk potentially incurring property damage and losing the value of your stored items? Even highly maintained storage units occasionally experience these unpreventable issues. Insure your belongings, so you have peace of mind. 

Whether you’re stashing a classic car, 30 years of climbing gear, or priceless family heirlooms, it pays to insure your storage unit as well as choose a world-class facility like Tri County Mini Storage. Call them at (513) 874-6689 or visit the storage facility online today to learn more about their services and guarantees. 

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