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When to Save Your Hardwood Floors & Why It's Worth It July 21, 2017

Richmond, Madison
When to Save Your Hardwood Floors & Why It's Worth It, Richmond, Kentucky

Older homes offer their owners a historic feel and lots of character. However, sometimes their beautiful hardwood floors become weakened or damaged. When deciding whether to replace or salvage them, the experts at Hardwood Floor Country in Richmond, KY, share some insight about when it’s worthwhile to keep them.

When to Save Your Hardwood Floors 

hardwoodIn almost all cases, hardwood floors can be saved. A few pest-damaged boards are easily replaced, and older floors that have lost their shine can be sanded down and refinished for a brand-new polish. Additionally, water marks can quickly be moved with a matching stain.

Floor repair is usually discouraged only for extreme cases of deterioration. For instance, if termite damage is too extensive and compromises the home’s structural safety. Also, floors that have been previously sanded too low will not have enough wood left to be refinished again.

Why Save Your Hardwood Floors?

Saving your floors is cost-effective; refinishing is very affordable. Also, why let the beautiful vintage look of original hardwood floors go to waste? The aesthetic and charm are worth preserving. It’s a more convenient alternative to ripping up and installing new floors, too.

Hardwood floors can last 20 years when properly maintained, so think carefully before deciding to replace them. No matter what your choice, the flooring experts at Hardwood Floor Country can provide the repair or rejuvenation service you need at the highest quality in the Richmond area. Give them a call at (859) 624-9050 or contact them online for more information. 

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