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3 Ways to Keep Opossums Off Your Property July 24, 2017

Cleves, Miami
3 Ways to Keep Opossums Off Your Property, Miami, Ohio

Opossums have the distinction of being the only marsupials in North America. While not usually aggressive, they do have a tendency to wreak their special brand of havoc in yards. That’s because these critters are natural scavengers attracted to everything from empty containers to garbage cans. Before needing opossum removal service, there are several proactive steps you can take.

Here are several helpful ways to avoid an invasion:

  • Cincinnati, OH opossum removalInspect for Damage: Opossums tend to leave a few telltale signs of damage behind. Take a close look at the property. Do you hear scampering noises overhead? It’s possible they’re chewing away in the attic. Have some chicks gone missing in your coop? Opossums have a habit of stealing them. Once you identify where they’re causing the most damage, you can tackle those areas effectively.
  • Make Access Difficult: They don’t usually attack people, but opossums can cause considerable destruction when they have access to your property. If they find their way into the attic, for example, they might chew away at the insulation. Eliminate long tree limbs that offer them quick and easy access to your roof and attic. Close entries to dark spaces, such as chicken coops and exposed basement doors, and be sure that the home’s foundation doesn’t have any openings that opossums can use to enter. Before you can deny entry, you may need professional opossum removal service to clear the premises.
  • Eliminate Attractions: Opossums are drawn to your yard in their search for shelter and food. Anything that resembles a warm, dry space is fair game, whether it’s a cardboard box or a pile of brush. Eliminating these sources will help clear your yard of opossums, as well reducing the amount of food in your yard. For example, bird seed and errant bits of fruit can easily attract an opossum. Even the scent of barbecue can draw them in, so it’s a good idea to wipe down the grill when you’re done cooking.

By taking a few precautionary measures, you may be able to prevent pests from invading your home. If you do need professional opossum removal service, you can be confident that they will resolve the problem safely and efficiently.


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