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4 Steps to Paddleboarding Success July 25, 2017

North Shore, Waialua
4 Steps to Paddleboarding Success, Waialua, Hawaii

There’s no better way to cool off on a warm day than getting out on the water. If you’ve been looking for a fun way to take in the sights, stand-up paddleboarding is the perfect choice. At Tsue’s Farm in Haleiwa, HI, their staff wants to help you enjoy your time out in nature. If you’ve never tried paddleboarding, have no fear. Tsue’s Farm shares the basic steps to help you get started your first time.

4 Steps to Success on a Paddleboard

1. Get Fitted With the Right Gear

Before you head out to the river, you’ll need to be fitted with the proper gear. Tsue’s Farm’s paddleboard rental team will provide you with the correct board, paddle, board leash, and life vest. However, you’ll still want to bring sunscreen and water for the trip. If you’re particularly sensitive to the sun, consider bringing a hat, and wear your sunglasses to protect yourself from any glare on the water.

2. Head to the River

When you pick up your gear, you’ll need to carry your board to the water. It’s easiest if you carry the board overhead since most paddleboards are significantly wider than a standard surfboard. Once you’re at the river, gently place the board in the water and secure the leash around your ankle. This will keep the board from floating away if you fall off.

3. Get on the Board

PaddleboardingPlace your paddle on top of the board, and wade deeper into the water, pushing your board from the side. Once you’re clear of any rocks, push yourself onto the paddleboard, and kneel on the surface. Once in the position, get a feel for how the board moves in the water and see how you need to balance on the surface. Grip the paddle with your dominant hand. From there, stand up slowly, first kneeling on one knee, and then straightening into a full standing position.

4. Move on the Water

After you’re standing, it’s time to start paddling your board. Make sure the curve of the blade is pointing away from you as you hold the paddle. Pull the paddle through the water to propel yourself forward. Most first-time paddleboarders do better if they start with small strokes until they adjust to the board. Alternate which side you paddle on to move in a straight line.

Now that you know the basics of paddleboarding, book your adventure at Tsue’s Farm today. Visit their website for more information on their paddleboard and kayaking excursions, and call (808) 744-5428 to reserve your spot today.