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3 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter July 27, 2017

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3 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner Filter, Stonington, Connecticut

Do you know what’s floating around in your air? If this question conjures up scary images of that children’s book, “Germs, Germs Everywhere!” you might be on the right track. However, clean air circulation isn’t the only benefit of regularly changing your filter.

Here a few reasons replacing your air conditioner filter in a timely manner is important. 

Regular Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repairs

Professionals at Duncklee Cooling & Heating Inc have over 40 years of experience helping people in South Eastern Connecticut and Western Rhode Island with their cooling and heating needs. Family-owned and -operated, they understand what it’s like when a family of five has their AC Unit overheat in the middle of summer. By regularly changing the filter, you won’t have to pay for costly air conditioner repairs or maintenance fees.

Saving Electricity

air conditioningWhen you have a dirty filter, your HVAC system will have a harder time pushing out air, causing you to pay the same amount of money for a fraction of the power. Just like a heart working too hard to pump blood to your veins, it’s more likely to wear out quickly.

Something in the Air

Dust particles and other air irritants cannot pass easily through a dirty filter, these can be poor for your health and also increase allergy symptoms. This is especially important for pregnant or nursing mothers and households with newborns or children, as they are the most vulnerable to contaminants.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of regular air conditioner filter cleaning? Trust the experts at Duncklee Cooling & Heating Inc. Their comprehensive maintenance plan will make sure your cooling & heating systems are working efficiently and effectively. Give them a call at (860) 535-2552, or visit the website for more information.

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