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What You Should Know About Preventative Dentistry June 30, 2020

Mayfield, Fulton
What You Should Know About Preventative Dentistry, Mayfield, New York

Prevention is imperative to your dental health. That’s why Mayfield Family & Cosmetic Dentistry LLC focuses on preventative measures in Fulton County, NY, which includes dental cleanings and oral cancer screenings. But what is preventative dentistry, and how can you maintain excellent dental health?

What Do You Need to Know About Preventative Dentistry?

1. What Is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is about properly caring for your teeth and gums to keep them healthy. Good dental habits prevent problems like gum disease and tooth decay. Many techniques are done at home, and others require a visit to your dentist.

2. How Should You Care for Your Teeth at Home?

preventative dentistryTo keep your teeth healthy, it’s important to brush them twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste. You also need to brush your tongue and replace your toothbrush at least once every three to four months. Your dentist recommends you floss at least once a day to remove the food that gets stuck between your teeth. Finally, proper nutrition can keep your teeth healthy. Ideally, you should eat a varied diet while limiting your intake of sugar and white flour products for optimal dental health.

3. What Does Preventative Care Look Like at Your Dental Office?

Regular visits to the dentist are important for various reasons. A thorough tooth cleaning will keep bacteria at bay and prevent gum disease and decay. A dental exam can also diagnose problems early on, before they turn into major issues. The American Dental Association recommends scheduling a dentist appointment every six months, but you can visit more often if you’re at risk for gum disease or tooth decay.

Do you have questions about preventative dentistry? Call the staff at Mayfield Family & Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today at (518) 661-6405 to make an appointment. Their dentists offer state-of-the-art technology to keep your teeth healthy and enhance your smile. To learn more about the services they offer, visit their website.

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