Durham, North Carolina
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Anything from a quick interior design fix or a complete home furnishing overhaul is easily accomplished by stopping by Crate and Barrel at The Streets at Southpoint. Durham, North Carolina's furniture store has the variety and eccentricity for your home decor needs.

Limited Time Offer: A Truly Priceless Sleep July 13, 2017

Durham, Durham County
Limited Time Offer: A Truly Priceless Sleep, Durham, North Carolina

They say sleep is the new status symbol… in that case, this deal is truly a steal. New bedroom furniture is like a new start. All your sleep problem might need is a softer or firmer mattress, or covers that keep you warmer at night — if you act now, Crate&Barrel will give you restful nights, calmer days, and peace of mind for cheaper than ever.

But Bedroom Furniture Is Never Cheap…

NowBedroom Furniture at Crate&Barrel it is. In fact, it’s 20% cheaper. Imagine you’re buying a full bed set: a duvet and cover, pillows and pillowcases, a mattress, and so on… you could be saving around $350. The price always makes getting or replacing a bed daunting — but when it comes to sleep, you’re talking about everything. You know that good sleep leads to better performance at work, more energy throughout the day, healthier habits, and a better mood. It’s something worth spending on… but if you act soon, you barely even have to.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture, Budget Price…

For a limited time. Why wait to improve your sleep, anyway? Get to Crate&Barrel before the end of the month to enjoy huge savings on your new set of bedroom furniture. Browse a fantastic selection on Crate&Barrel’s website today.