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A How-To Guide On Eating For Maximum Fitness Before & After Workouts January 1, 2015

Upper West Side, Manhattan
A How-To Guide On Eating For Maximum Fitness Before & After Workouts, Manhattan, New York

Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness has the best yoga classes and personal trainers in New York—and yet, when it comes to effective weight loss, even the very best fitness classes and trainers cannot do all of the heavy lifting. Only you can! 

So now is the time to amp up your workout by eating the right foods at the right time:

  • Pre-Workout: While some people can coast through workouts on an empty stomach, not all of us are so lucky. The best foods to eat before a workout are defined by a specific set of traits. For instance, foods that are low in fiber and fat, as well as moderate in protein and carbohydrates, tend to work best because they digest quickly. Foods that are rich in fluids and rank high on the glycemic index will keep hunger at bay, while also keeping you hydrated; and low-fat dairy products, whole grain foods, vegetable soups, and bananas are also excellent choices.

  • Post-Workout: After workouts, you must replenish the fluids that your body lost while exercising, so it's important to drink plenty of liquids. When planning your post workout meal, remember this: protein is power. Protein is the key nutrient that strengthens and enriches your muscles. However, it only takes 10 to 20 grams of protein to do get the job done, so don’t use the “protein is power” mantra to justify overeating.
  • Go Bananas: Think of bananas as one of Mother Nature’s kinder ways of supporting your healthy lifestyle. They’re full of protein, potassium, and healthy carbohydrates. Bananas contain manganese, a nutrient that strengthens your bones and improves your metabolism. Potassium levels plummet when you exercise, so eating a banana before or after your workout session will do your body a lot of good. Either way, incorporating bananas into your diet will give you a blast of energy and nutrition!

The food you eat heavily influences all aspects of your health. Get involved with your health by getting informed; call Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness at (212) 865-9290 or visit them online to learn more about how you can improve your diet or exercise habits. 

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