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Every mountain climber knows you need the proper clothing and mountain gear. Come by REI, located in Round Rock, Texas for all of your outdoor recreation needs. When it comes to hiking or camping, this sporting goods store has it all.

10 Items You Absolutely Need When Hiking or Camping July 13, 2017

East Chandler Road Retail, Round Rock-Georgetown
10 Items You Absolutely Need When Hiking or Camping, Round Rock-Georgetown, Texas

Packing light isn’t always easy. So, when you’re prepping for an outdoor expedition, how do you know which items to put in your bag and which ones to leave behind? Here, the camping equipment pros at REI detail their top ten essentials.

The Ten “Essentials” of Hiking & Camping

1. Navigation

You won’t always have reception in the great outdoors, so bring a map and compass to help you find your way around.

2. Illumination

Don’t get caught in the woods without headlamp or flashlight. It’s dangerous to navigate after dark without one.

3. Insulation

Even if you’re camping in the summer, it pays to pack layers. Extra clothing will protect you from not only frigid temperatures but also scorching heat.

4. Sun Protection

To further protect yourself from the sun, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and even a hat.

camping equipment5. Nutrition

Naturally, you can’t sustain your hike without the right fuel. Add some healthy snacks and meals to your backpack.

6. Hydration

Likewise, you’ll also need fresh water to protect yourself from dehydration. Check out these large bottles from Hydro Flask® that keep contents cold for up to 24 hours!

7. First Aid

When hiking or camping, preparation is key. Always bring a first aid kit in case you or a group member is injured on the trail.

8. Fire

From warmth to food preparation, fire has many uses out in nature. Don’t forget to pack a lighter or some waterproof matches.

9. Emergency Shelter

While they don’t produce heat, as fire does, emergency shelters and blankets do help insulate your body heat. They also protect you from the elements and are easy to spot in inclement weather, making them an essential safety measure.   

10. Repair Kits

The last thing you want after a long trek up the mountain is to find you’ve torn your sleeping pay or got a leak in your bike tire. Fortunately, some simple tools will do the trick. REI has plenty of different kits for a wide variety of circumstances.

Find All 10 at Your Local REI!

Planning a trip? Visit your nearest REI to stock up on the latest camping equipment today! For more tips on how to make the most of the trail, check out their website.

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