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Bremerton, Washington residents can stop by Abra Auto for any collision repairs or auto body fixes. Leaving a headlight out means getting a ticket; stop by Abra Auto and get your car fixed, for your safety!

Roadside Service Could Save Your Career July 13, 2017

West Bremerton, Bremerton
Roadside Service Could Save Your Career, Bremerton, Washington

Imagine: you’ve landed an interview in the city, about 45 minutes away.  You’ve been waiting for this. A week after you applied, you were holding your head in defeat — they still hadn’t replied. But that’s when you got the call. ABRA Auto does not support speeding, and neither do you, usually — but you have somewhere to be.

“I Didn’t Think I’d End Up Needing Auto Repair…”

It’sAuto Repair going great. You’re flying by the other cars. Maybe this is what the salesman meant when he described your car’s auto body as “aerodynamic.” He also described the engine noise as a “purr”, which struck you as a little strange — you notice the engine certainly isn’t purring now, as other cars start to pass you. It isn’t making much noise at all, let alone any reminiscent of a majestic animal. You’re slowing down — so you pull off onto the shoulder.

What Happens Now?

If you were to call ABRA Auto at, they’d be there with a tow truck and a rental car with enough time to get you to the interview. You’d ask the repairman what sort of auto repair you’d need, and he’d promptly inform you that you put diesel in the tank. You would decide to be angry about that later, see your car towed off, hop in the rental, and nail the interview. If you ever need auto repair or roadside service in a pinch, you’ll know what to do: call ABRA Auto at (888) 872-2272 or visit their website.

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