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St. Louis’ Tree Trimming Experts Explain Why Your Tree Lacks the Topmost Leaves August 11, 2017

Hartford, Wood River
St. Louis’ Tree Trimming Experts Explain Why Your Tree Lacks the Topmost Leaves, Wood River, Illinois

For many homeowners, one of the best parts of summer is watching the trees around their yard grow. With routine tree trimming, your trees will provide shade as well as a beautiful view out the window. However, some trees may struggle to produce leaves along their uppermost branches. Allan Tree Services has helped residents across the Greater St. Louis, IL, area take care of their trees for years and wants to help you understand what causes leafless branches.

Lack of Water & Nutrients

Tree trimmingIn many trees, leaves can fall prematurely or fail to grow at all, if it’s not receiving enough water or nutrients from the soil. While there are numerous causes for poor nutrition, one of the most common is girdling roots. These roots wrap themselves around the trunk of the tree beneath the soil, cutting off the water supply and preventing the entire system from receiving an adequate amount of nutrients. As a result, the tree’s leaf growth suffers and often manifests towards the top of the tree. These top branches are furthest from the tree’s roots, meaning the nutrients cannot reach those areas easily. If your tree’s roots are girdled, a tree trimming expert may be able to remove the problem roots and restore the tree’s health. However, some trees cannot be saved and must be removed to prevent damage to your property.

Fungus in the Soil

Fungus is often found in over watered soil, but only a few types will cause your tree to lose its leaves. Verticillium creates a condition known as verticillium wilt, which causes the leaves at the top of the tree to brown, though the rest of the tree remains green. If you notice discoloration at the top of your tree, contact your local tree care team at Allan Tree Service. Their experts can prune the tree and provide you with the right soil treatment to eliminate the verticillium wilt.

If you’ve noticed any issues with your trees, contact the tree trimming team at Allan Tree Services today. The sooner their team can inspect and diagnose the problem, the better off your trees will be. Visit their website for more information, and call (618) 254-1245 to schedule an appointment.


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