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A Windproof Umbrella for Winter Storms January 29, 2014

NoMad, Manhattan
A Windproof Umbrella for Winter Storms, Manhattan, New York

I'm pretty sure the weather forecast on my iphone this morning said there was a 30% chance of rain, not a 100% chance of snow and hail.

The unpredictability of weather in cities like New York and Boston is why at Amé Amé we recommend every New Yorker carries a feather-light umbrella in their bag or coat pocket at all times so that at the very least they don't have to drop $20 on a cheap unfashionable drug store umbrella. .

However, when you know the day's weather is going to involve cold winds and heavy rain or thick snow flurries, then our #1 recommendation is a bubble umbrella.

If you need an umbrella to share or the bubble isn't your style, then an alternative is a Blunt Light or Blunt Classic Umbrella.

Whether you choose the $40 bubble umbrella or the $69 Blunt Light umbrella, at Ame Ame our #1 desire is for you to not gripe or frown about the weather.

(PS: we also carry bubble umbrellas for kids!)