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Moving Assistance With a Purpose: Economy Moving & Storage Helps to Support "Move 4 Hunger" January 6, 2015

Springdale, Springdale
Moving Assistance With a Purpose: Economy Moving & Storage Helps to Support "Move 4 Hunger", Springdale, Ohio

Economy Moving & Storage takes pride in being the “most qualified and careful” moving company in the Cincinnati area, and in going well beyond the typical services an average company would provide. That's why Economy takes part in Move 4 Hunger, which involves the following special services:

  • Long Distance: The company offers local and long-distance moving assistance, and when moving clients a great distance, they inquire about non-perishable foods for donation. Economy Moving & Storage collects all non-perishable food the client doesn’t want, and brings it to the Freestore Food Bank in Cincinnati.
  • Moving Not Required: The Economy Moving & Storage staff participates in Move 4 Hunger even when they aren’t hauling furniture and carrying boxes! Anyone who wishes to donate canned and other non-perishable foods to Freestore can stop by Economy Moving’s headquarters to drop items off. The moving company will then take the food to Freestore.

Donate food to Freestore via Economy Moving, and help those in need! In addition to moving services and charitable works, Economy Moving & Storage offers a range of storage services, including packing assistance, portable storage vaults and short or long-term storage at their warehouse. 

Shipping services are also available, with the moving company guaranteeing safe and cost-effective shipping to any location. Economy Moving can ship “anything, anywhere, anytime,” no matter the weight.

Take the stress out of moving and donate to a worthy cause by working with Economy Moving & Storage. Moving is challenging enough—why add to it? To learn more about moving assistance, shipping help, and other services provided by Economy Moving & Storage in Cincinnati, call (513) 753-6683 or visit their website today.

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