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5 Tasting Room Tips to Select the Right Wine for Your Palate July 21, 2017

Port Morris, Bronx
5 Tasting Room Tips to Select the Right Wine for Your Palate, Bronx, New York

Figuring out the right wine for a dish or occasion is a daunting task. But figuring out which ones you most prefer can be even more difficult. Everyone’s palate is different, so how do you narrow your options beyond simply red or white? Luckily, you don’t need to be a sommelier to know what kind of wine you like best. Visit a tasting room and follow the five tips below to find the perfect wine for your palate.

5 Tasting Room Tips to Help You Choose Your Favorite Wine

1. Sample, Sample, Sample

Discovering your go-to wine is kind of like dating. You have to try a bunch of different kinds to find out which ones you really enjoy. As you sample, write down the ones you like, the ones you don’t, and why. Eventually, you will see patterns in your taste you can use to guide your future choices.

2. Keep It Simple

The world of wine is expansive, complex, and full of options. Wines come from all over the world, and a pinot noir from France is going to taste very different than one from Chile. As you begin your search, don’t get bogged down with jargon like varietals, bouquet, and finish. Just try ones that sound appealing, and take note of which you like and which you don’t.

3. Try an App

tasting roomTechnology makes it easy to keep track of your wine preferences. There are many apps available for you to track and rate the wines you have tried. Some even use this information to tailor wine suggestions based on your previous tasting history.

4. Research Varietals

Researching varieties can be tricky. It is not just the type of grape, but where the grape is grown that impacts its flavor. Still, understanding the major grape varietals and the characteristics of certain styles from major wine-producing regions can help you make smarter choices.

5. Go to a Wine Tasting

Visit a tasting room at a vineyard or shop to learn even more about wine. You will be able to sample many different types and ask questions, and an expert will explain more about the process of making each wine and how that impacts its characteristics. 


Though Pitorro, or Puerto Rican moonshine, may not be wine, Port Morris Distillery’s special fermentation process produces an incredibly smooth spirit with wine-like characteristics. Visit their tasting room and distillery in the Bronx to sample this Puerto Rican specialty. For more information, give them a call at (718) 585-3192 or visit their website.

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