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Prenatal Fitness Experts Share Tips to Calm Your Infant December 29, 2014

Sudbury, Middlesex
Prenatal Fitness Experts Share Tips to Calm Your Infant, Sudbury, Massachusetts

Known as one of the toughest jobs there is, motherhood is not for the weak of spirit or body. Child rearing is complex, and sometimes amid the importance of raising a healthy, happy baby, a mother neglects her own well-being. There is no better mother-baby team, however, than the one in which both parties are at optimal health and happiness. Thankfully, Mama Ballroom is here to help you achieve that balance. Within its supportive community, Mama Ballroom offers a variety of healthy and fun bonding activities through dance, such as Mommy and Me Classes, Mommy and Me Workouts, and more.

Mama Ballroom is also a resource that mothers can turn to for advice and tips on child rearing and healthy living. The following excerpt from a Fit Pregnancy article offers three specific techniques for calming your baby:

  1. Hold and cuddle your baby skin-to-skin. Experts theorize that being pressed directly against a mother's flesh feels most like being in the womb. By recreating that sensation, you will transport your baby to a place of comfort and security.
  2. Treat your baby to a gentle massage every time you lay him down to rest. For example, you can gently stroke your child's shoulders, back, arms and legs for about 1 minute each. The benefits to this are actually two-fold: You are simultaneously improving your child's muscle tone and helping to pacify him.
  3. Talk, sing, and read to your baby. When in the womb, it is likely that babies hear a garbled version of your voice. Therefore, your voice will serve as a familiar comfort to your baby outside the womb as well.
  4. After birth, continue to eat many of the same foods as you did while pregnant. Babies who are breastfed will continue to get the same flavors through breast milk, something babies find very comforting. 
  5. Fussy infant? The baby just might need more stimulation. Babies only see in very bright colors, so choose bold patterns and colors for blankets, toys, and mobiles. The colors will both capture his attention and soothe him. 

For more information on the services that Mama Ballroom offers, including Prenatal/Postnatal Classes, please visit their website. Mama Ballroom is here for you and your baby!

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