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Hader's Heating & Cooling Experts Offer Advice to Save Energy & Money This Winter December 30, 2014

Cheviot, Cheviot
Hader's Heating & Cooling Experts Offer Advice to Save Energy & Money This Winter, Cheviot, Ohio

Hader, Cincinnati's secret to staying warm, makes heating and cooling with geothermal energy and HVAC systems affordable and efficient. Winter is a season that puts your heating systems to the test, but doing the following will help you save energy during the winter:

  • Duct Sealing: Duct sealing improves how well your heating system operates; less air escapes from sealed ducts. Instead of duct tape, use foil or mastic to seal any openings. Check the attic and any other lesser-traveled parts of your home. Well-sealed ducts can save you a lot on your next bill. 
  • Energy Audits: Also called “home energy assessments,” home energy audits involve having a professional auditor inspect your home and determine how much energy your house consumes. Additionally, professional auditors will know how to improve the efficiency of your heating system and electric system, oil, geothermal system, gas usage, your house’s insulation, and energy use so that you have a plan to get the biggest bang for your buck. A trained specialist from Hader will spot issues to fix that will save you quite a bit of money and stress in the long run. As far as energy conservation is concerned, knowledge is power!
  • Use High-Efficiency Products: High-efficiency equipment might cost more, but you will save money in the future by avoiding frequent repairs and replacements. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for; research all of your options thoroughly before making your decision. A professional auditor will most likely have brand-name suggestions for you.

Energy saved is money and time gained. Making informed investments will amount to large savings over time. To inquire about services or learn more information, contact Hader online or call (513) 661-1910.

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