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Green Tea 101: Pinkberry Experts Explain July 13, 2017

Harlem, Manhattan
Green Tea 101: Pinkberry Experts Explain, Manhattan, New York

Green tea is perhaps the most widespread drink throughout the world as people from all walks of life indulge in this refreshing beverage. While it’s traditionally served as a hot or iced drink, the froyo experts at Pinkberry have found a way to incorporate it in their latest frozen yogurt flavors: Green Tea and Green Tea Latte.

What’s So Amazing About Green Tea? 

By now, you’ve probably heard green tea is good for you, but what exactly does it do for your body? According to the experts at Pinkberry, green tea is clinically proven to increase your metabolism, which helps your body burn fat quicker. Green tea is also an excellent preventive approach in holistic medicine as its natural components help increase memory awareness and brain function, meaning you could potentially lower your risk of developing Dementia or Alzheimers by simply incorporating green tea into your diet. And, what better way is there to do that than by tasting one of Pinkberry’s own green tea frozen yogurts?

Try Pinkberry’s Green Tea Froyo Flavors Today

If you’re ready to start improving your health and indulging your taste buds, then visit your local Pinkberry today. Their green tea froyos will leave your body feeling refreshed, satisfied and wanting more.