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Minneapolis's Cocktail Aficionados Explain What Goes Into a Great Bloody Mary July 21, 2017

Downtown West, Minneapolis
Minneapolis's Cocktail Aficionados Explain What Goes Into a Great Bloody Mary  , Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bloody Mary's are one of the most popular cocktails at bars across the country, but not all versions of the drink are created equal. According to the mixologists at Devil's Advocate in Minneapolis, MN, creating a great Bloody Mary is all about the balance of flavors.

Here they share some fun facts about the history of the drink and what goes into the perfect cocktail:

The Origin Story

The history of the drink seems to date back to the early 20th century when a bartender mixed vodka with tomato juice for a patron and dubbed it a "Bloody Mary," presumably after Queen Mary I of England. While the inspiration for the name, as well as its creator, has been disputed for decades, this first version of the drink serves as the basis for today's variations.  

The Ingredients

CocktailIn its most basic form, the cocktail consists of vodka, tomato juice, and Tabasco sauce, and is usually garnished with a piece of celery. Since its creation, the drink has evolved to include a variety of ingredients, as well as vodka substitutions, gin or tequila.

The Perfect Cocktail

What distinguishes a great Bloody Mary from an average one is the use of high-quality ingredients. The bartender should use top-shelf alcohol and thick tomato juice that’s enhanced with natural seasonings.

Another differentiating factor is the balance of flavors. The cocktail needs to have the right amount of salt and spice. Tabasco sauce provides a mild kick, but too much can overwhelm the senses and prevent your taste buds from properly savoring the mix. The drink also needs the right pairing of salt; Worcestershire sauce or celery salt are great ways to perk it up, but when too much is added, the sweetness of the tomato and alcohol are overpowered.

Queen Mary wouldn’t settle, so why should you? For an unbeatable Bloody Mary, stop by Devil's Advocate. Located downtown, the Minneapolis restaurant hosts a full bar complete with craft beer, specialty wines, and a range of high-end cocktails. Learn more about their specialties and their happy hour specials by calling (612) 333-2644 or reserve a table today. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter for deals and updates.

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