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3 Criteria of Comfortable Hotel Bedding July 20, 2017

Mason, Warren
3 Criteria of Comfortable Hotel Bedding, Mason, Ohio

Anyone who has stayed overnight in a hotel before is familiar with the unique luxury of falling asleep in the plush bed in their room. Hotel bedding has a way of making a night away from home seem like a relaxing escape. For those who want to recreate the luxury at home, there are a few criteria the bedding must meet. 

Here are three ways you can imitate the over-the-top comfort of hotel bedding in your own home:

  • Mattress Pad: The foundation of a comfortable bed starts with a high-quality mattress pad. Hotel bedding often incorporates these as a way to cover up a thin or bumpy mattress, giving the guest a bed they can sink into at the end of a long day. Purchasing a top-notch mattress pad for your home will bring the unique feeling of sleeping on a cloud to your own bedroom.
  • hotel beddingPillows: Pillows are an essential component of a hotel bed and should strike a balance between soft and firm. Depending on what position you sleep in, you can find hotel-style pillows that offer the support and comfort you need to have a good night’s sleep every night. Down pillows are filled with a material that offers a unique blend of sink and bounce and keeps your neck kink-free in the morning. 
  • Comforters: Most hotel guests have noticed the comforters and sheets used for an overnight stay are soft and breathable, the ideal combination to feel well rested and comfortable. These are usually made of cotton, which makes them accessible to those who want to recreate the feeling at home. To mimic hotel bedding, look for a white cotton comforter with a high thread count to ensure incredible softness without compromising the breathability of the fabric. 


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