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REI Explains How Practicing Yoga Can Increase Your Fertility July 11, 2017

Fenway - Kenmore - Audubon Circle - Longwood, Boston
REI Explains How Practicing Yoga Can Increase Your Fertility, Boston, Massachusetts

Many people practice yoga to stay in shape and maintain a positive mindset, but did you know yoga can also increase your chances of becoming pregnant? According to the specialists at your local REI sports equipment store, women everywhere are reaping the benefits of this new mind, body, and spirit infertility movement.

Infertility Yoga

Yoga sessions typically include a combination of structured poses, breathing exercises and guided meditation, all of which help contribute to your overall health and wellness. However, if you’re struggling with fertility issues, you can tailor your practice to help increase the likelihood of conception. Poses such as Seated Forward Fold and Cobra both increases blood flow to your uterus and ovaries, while breathing techniques such as Bee Breath and Alternative Nostril Breathing help reduce stress and anxiety. Incorporating these few simple poses and techniques into a daily yoga practice can help realign your reproductive organs, as well as manage your stress hormones.

Try it Out For Yourself!

If you’ve been struggling with infertility, then don’t hesitate to try a new yoga sequence. The sports equipment experts at REI recommend stocking up on all their latest gear to ensure your new journey is successful, safe and comfortable. To browse their collection of yoga mats, props, and clothing, visit your local store today!

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