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Cincinnati Funeral Home Shares Guidelines for the Bereaved During a Funeral July 27, 2017

Cincinnati Funeral Home Shares Guidelines for the Bereaved During a Funeral, ,

The funeral process carries a deep tradition to help the bereaved. It’s organized to provide support, sympathy, and closure as you put a loved one to rest. According to Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home in Cincinnati, Ohio, there are essential phases during and after a funeral that carry responsibilities. Following these will help you understand what to expect and how to take part comfortably with guests and family.

The Wake

funeralThis is the time for family and friends to say their final goodbyes to the deceased. As the bereaved, it’s customary to greet guests as they arrive. Although it can be difficult to socialize, this is an important time to connect. A simple “hello” or “thank you” is sufficient if you’re having trouble talking. If you’re comfortable, it’s best to spend equal time with each guest to keep the process moving. Their kind words are an important part of the healing process, and welcoming them shows how much they mean to you.

The Tribute & Interment

There are many ways to organize the tribute and interment. Eulogies, songs or displays, and other presentations are great ways to say your final goodbyes. How you want to participate is up to you, but it’s important to work with funeral home staff beforehand and be available if needed to ensure everything is going as planned.

The Reception

The reception is a time to visit more intimately with guests. It can be at your home, an event space, or the funeral home if they offer the facilities. It’s also customary to offer refreshments during this time. The reception is an excellent time to speak with those who matter most and receive or provide support. You shouldn’t feel obligated to spend time with everyone, and only need to socialize as much as you’re able to. However, it’s important that you’re present, as it will mean a lot to guests.

After the Funeral

Following the funeral, it’s important to take time for yourself but to also reach out when you need help. Don’t hesitate to contact your support network, and remain as active as possible to keep your body healthy. This is also a time to thank people such as pallbearers, clergy, and anyone who made donations to the funeral. Thank you notes can be very meaningful, as well as a phone call if preferred.

Planning a funeral may be difficult, but having everything in order and knowing what to expect will make the process easier. If you need assistance with arranging a funeral, turn to the professionals at Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home. Their compassionate staff will help with all of your needs so you can say goodbye comfortably and confidently. Call (513) 939-2273 to speak with their staff, and visit their website and Facebook page to learn more about their services.