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Factors for How Often to Call HVAC Contractors for Routine AC Service July 20, 2017

Montgomery Village, Montgomery
Factors for How Often to Call HVAC Contractors for Routine AC Service, Montgomery Village, Maryland

Many homeowners hold off on calling their HVAC contractors until there’s a problem with their cooling system—what they may not realize is it pays to be proactive. Routine maintenance will help you to avoid expensive repairs and future inconveniences. How often you have this done can be determined by a few key factors.  

If you have pets or live with someone who smokes, some of your AC system components may need to be cleaned or replaced more frequently. It’s a good idea to have air filters replaced every 60 days if you have a pet—though, if you suffer from allergies you may benefit from having this done more frequently. Homeowners without animals should look to seasonal replacements, or ones every 90 days. 

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Tending to indoor and outdoor coils is a more involved aspect of AC maintenance. With a fresh air filter and polished coils, your cooling system will be able to function more efficiently, thereby reducing the odds of a malfunction or unnecessary strain. Additionally, during a regular maintenance visit, a residential HVAC professional will inspect and clean other critical components of your cooling system, including the condensing unit.

While you should call for air conditioning repair at the first sign of an issue—such as a strange noise from your unit, inability to cool sufficiently, or thermostat problems—it’s also wise to have your system inspected yearly by a licensed HVAC contractor. Doing so will ensure it is running efficiently, which in turn will keep your electric bills down and reduce energy waste. It could also extend the lifespan of your appliance, helping you get your money’s worth.


If you’re seeking reliable and affordable air conditioning repair or maintenance in the area of Montgomery Village, MD, look no further than Akor Mechanical. With 24/7 emergency repair service and high-quality routine maintenance, you can rest assured your home’s heating and cooling systems are always in good hands with this experienced HVAC contractor. To learn more, call (301) 250-5251.

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