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House Call Dentist $299 New Patient Cleaning, Xrays, Exam SPECIAL! Limited Time Offer July 11, 2017

Central Park, Manhattan
House Call Dentist $299 New Patient Cleaning, Xrays, Exam SPECIAL! Limited Time Offer, Manhattan, New York

Often feel like you don't have time to go to the dentist office? When you're busy, Smiles Delivered makes it easier to maintain a healthy smile with flexible in-home dental services. Serving clients throughout Manhattan, Smiles Delivered offers quality care that's brought directly to you.

With an easy online booking feature,  you can book an on-demand dentist in a few minutes.

Seeing the dentist at home offers many benefits--first, you'll be able to receive care in an environment where you feel comfortable. Although the team will bring a reclining chair with them, you can choose to sit on your couch or armchair if that's more relaxing for you. In-home dental services also allow patients to take advantage of their doctor's full attention--without any other patients nearby, you'll receive personalized, one-on-one care for the entirety of your appointment. You won't have to waste any time traveling or sitting in a waiting room.

Book now to take advantage of our $299 new patient special deal, which includes check-up, cleanings, and xrays.

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