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3 Benefits of a Smart Overhead Door Opener July 21, 2017

Williamsport, Lycoming
3 Benefits of a Smart Overhead Door Opener, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Today, even overhead doors can be controlled through the power of a smartphone. Though it may seem like just a luxury, using a phone to power your garage door tremendously boosts your house’s safety and provides more convenience for you. Smart overhead doors do much more than just open and close through your phone. You can set them to open and close on a schedule as well as alert you when the door is opened without your permission. Because the apps are free and software installation is simple and cheap, there are many reasons to try a smart door in your house.

3 Benefits of a Smart Overhead Door Opener

1. Safety

Even when you lock your front door and windows, your overhead door can be a risk. Manual overhead doors usually don’t come with locks, and it’s easy to forget to close them after bringing something inside. A clicker for an automatic door can be lost or stolen — and if it’s stolen from your car, registration and other information inside the car can lead burglars right to your door. Overhead door apps come with security features so even if your phone is stolen, your garage door cannot be opened.

2. Convenience

smart-garage-doorsOf course, any automatic remote is more convenient than manually opening and closing your garage door. However, smart remotes offer the added convenience of being able to open your door wherever you are. This way, if you need to let in a house sitter or friend while you’re away, or if your child is locked out of the house, you can easily let them in. You also don’t have to worry about closing the door behind you because you can set it to shut by itself a certain amount of time after opening.

3. Alarms & Monitors

If you’re unsure about how long you set your door’s timer for or think you left it open, you can check without getting up. Smart garage door openers come with monitors that allow you to make sure your door is closed, which is crucial in the middle of the night when you may not want to go outside. And some smart doors notify you when the door is opened during unusual times so you can always know when someone other than you or a family member is entering.


To learn more about installing a smart door opener in your home, call Overhead Door Co. of Lycoming County, a division of Schrader Architectural Products, at (570) 326-4749. Since 1965, “The Genuine, the Original Overhead Door Company” has served Williamsport, PA, with top-quality products designed to keep homes, buildings, and belongings safe. Visit their website to peruse their wide array of residential and commercial overhead doors.

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