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Top 4 Signs You Need AC Service March 19, 2018

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Top 4 Signs You Need AC Service, Brooklyn, New York

Summer is in full swing in Brooklyn, which means temperatures are at their yearly peak. As a result, it’s more important than ever to have a properly functioning air conditioning system that’s reliable on even the hottest days. If yours isn’t operating as it should or you notice any of the following warning signs, schedule AC service as soon as possible to prevent a breakdown and an uncomfortable home.

When Should You Call for AC Service?

Warm Air

AC ServiceDoes your house never seem to cool off? Is the indoor temperature far warmer than what you’ve set the thermostat to? If so, this can indicate a clogged filter, dirty coils, or another issue. 

Inconsistent Temperature

When you set your thermostat, the temperature inside your home should remain consistent from room to room. Anytime you notice major differences from one space to another, your thermostat may be malfunctioning and need repairs. 

Excessive Moisture

Your HVAC unit should not leave excess moisture on the walls, by the windows, or directly underneath the air compressor. If you notice moisture in unusual places, this can indicate leaky ducts, which need to be patched up right away. 

Suspicious Sounds

When functioning properly, your air conditioning system should be relatively quiet. You may hear the gentle hum of the machine running normally, but if the noises are more like squeals or grinding gears, there’s an issue that requires immediate attention.


When Long Island residents and businesses experience cooling issues, they reach out to the HVAC technicians at Premier Cleaning. The team is trained to handle a variety of problems and will fix any concerns quickly so you don’t have to deal with the summer heat inside. Call them at (917) 275-3280 to reach both their Brooklyn and Westbury, NY, locations and schedule your next appointment. For more information on their AC services, check out their website