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Injured by an Uninsured Driver? A Highly Respected Personal Injury Attorney Tells You What to Expect December 31, 2014

Omaha, Douglas
Injured by an Uninsured Driver? A Highly Respected Personal Injury Attorney Tells You What to Expect, Omaha, Nebraska

To protect you from damages caused by the actions of other drivers, the state requires that everyone carry car insurance. However, a significant percentage of drivers fail to follow the law, and drive without it. So what happens when you suffer serious injuries in an accident caused by an uninsured driver? After all, many of those drivers cannot afford car insurance, so they don’t have the money to compensate you for your losses. Fortunately, according to The Law Offices of Terrence J. Salerno, a highly respected personal injury attorney in Omaha, you still have options.

You might not know that your own insurance company will likely help you if the driver who caused your injuries is not properly insured. Most insurance policies carry “uninsured driver” clauses, and in many states, they’re required to. Check your policy now and make sure your coverage includes this vital clause, because without it, you run the risk of losing everything to one careless driver without insurance. Also, be sure to examine your policy annually to make sure you remain covered.

Occasionally, insurance companies deny uninsured driver claims even when the clause is included in the policy, meaning you might have legal recourse against your insurer. With the aid of an experienced auto injury attorney, you can compel your insurance company to meet their contractual obligations by compensating you for your damages.

For over 30 years, The Law Offices of Terrence J. Salerno have been fighting for people in the often complex legal area that deals with auto insurance and accident protection. So visit the best accident injury attorney in Omaha online to learn more, or contact them by phone at (402) 502-9002 for a free consultation.

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