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3 Ways Dental Implants Will Change Your Life for the Better July 20, 2017

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3 Ways Dental Implants Will Change Your Life for the Better, Homer, Alaska

Missing teeth can not only lower your confidence and urge to smile, but losing a permanent tooth can also make it hard to eat. Dental implants will have a big impact on your day-to-day routine, say the friendly professionals at Preventive Dental Services PC in Homer, Alaska. Here, they discuss three ways dental implants can change your life.

3 Ways Dental Implants Will Positively Impact Your Life

1. Make It Easier to Eat a Balanced Diet

implantsWhen you’re worried about your teeth, you may find yourself choosing foods that are easy for you to chew. However, pasta and potatoes often have less nutritional value than fruits, vegetables, and meat. With dental implants, you can eat almost anything you want, so you can get the proper nutrients, as well as enjoy an occasional treat.

2. Help You Make a Good First Impression

Whether you’re at a job interview or just meeting someone new, your smile is one of the first things people notice. Missing teeth can leave you feeling self-conscious  or embarrassed, but dental implants can help by restoring that confidence, allowing you to make a great first impression. 

3. Keep Your Mouth Healthy

Dental implants offer more benefits than just a bright smile. They are able to function like real teeth and keep your mouth healthy in the long run. Preventing the loss of bone structure in your jaw, dental implants provide a permanent, lasting solution for oral health.

If you think you could benefit from dental implants, contact the helpful staff at Preventive Dental Services PC. Serving the Homer, AK, community and the surrounding areas with two convenient locations, this trusted dentist office offers a variety of services for the whole family, including crowns, root canals, cosmetic fillings, dentures, and routine dental care. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the helpful staff by calling (907) 235-1286, or visit them online.

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