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3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Teen Adventure Trip July 20, 2017

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Teen Adventure Trip, White Plains, New York

Teen adventure trips help kids get out of their comfort zones to form lifelong friendships and learn about compassion and initiative. What do you do after signing your kids up for the journey of a lifetime? Below, Zeal Adventure & Travel in White Plains, NY, shares three ways to prepare for a teen adventure trip, so your child is mentally and physically ready to go. As the leading experts in youth travel programs, this team knows how to help campers and families prepare for their excursion.

Do Some Research

One of the best ways to combat travel-related anxiety is to learn about the destination. Encourage your child to read about where their teen adventure trip will take place. They can learn about upcoming activities like flying in small planes, riding zip lines, and learning to climb glaciers. The camp’s counselors will provide safety guidance and step-by-step instructions during the trip, so your teen feels confident and secure.

Plan Ahead

teen adventure trips White Plains NYNothing soothes preflight nerves like having everything ready ahead of time. Help your teen pack clothes, personal items, and gear a week before the trip, so they’re not worried about this task as their departure date approaches. Keep the toiletries your teen needs between now and then available, but store them in a small bag that’s easy to pack when the time comes.

Write Letters

Even kids who are excited about teen travel camp can benefit from a little taste of home while they’re away. Consider writing notes they will find in their bags a few days later. You can tell them about the letters, so they have something to look forward to or stash them in their luggage without saying a word. Write about how you’re excited to see them when they come back and look forward to hearing about how much fun they’re having. 

Teen adventure trips are incredible opportunities for young adults to volunteer, learn new leadership skills, and gain insight into what they may want to do in the future. To learn about upcoming trips, call Zeal Adventure and Travel at (844) 282-9325 or visit their website to learn about their visits to Alaska, Hawaii, and Western Canada.