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How the Right Window Treatments Can Make Your Home More Inviting July 20, 2017

Gulf Shores, Baldwin
How the Right Window Treatments Can Make Your Home More Inviting, Gulf Shores, Alabama

When you walk into a room, your eyes are naturally drawn towards the windows. That’s focusing on window treatments will make your home more inviting. If you’re not sure how to do this, the staff at Beachside Furniture & Interiors in Gulf Shores, AL, will help you find the right piece for your room. 

4 Tips on Using Window Treatments in Your Home

1. Soften Incoming Light

window treatmentsBright sunlight can be a problem in the kitchen and living room. To reduce the glare, you can put up woven shades or wood blinds. This allows you to filter out some of the light without making the room look dark.

2. Make Your Room Look Bigger

If you have a small kitchen or bathroom, you can use window treatments to make the room look larger. Using curtains with light, cool colors will make your space appear bigger. You can also put up mirrors to strengthen that effect.

3. Make Your Room Look Cozy

Some rooms are bigger than you need. Window treatments can also be used to make a room look smaller and cozier. Dark, warm colors are recommended in this scenario.

4. Add Some Curves

Your kitchen is typically a room where you’ll find straight lines. To soften things, you can add some curves with your window treatment. Whether you prefer a shorter valance or a long curtain, curvy fabrics will make your kitchen more welcoming.

Do you need help in selecting the right window treatments for your home? The staff at Beachside Furniture & Interiors is looking forward to assisting you with your selection. You can call them at (251) 968-2734 or visit their website to browse through their furniture. Whether you’re looking for a mattress, window treatments, or outdoor furniture, you can find a stylish selection at Beachside Furniture & Interiors.