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Common DIY Plumbing Errors to Avoid Making Yourself July 20, 2017

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Common DIY Plumbing Errors to Avoid Making Yourself , Honolulu, Hawaii

With the wealth of knowledge available on the Internet, do-it-yourself home improvements and repairs are more popular than ever. The problem is that many homeowners tackle projects that are far beyond their understanding or skill level. As a result, they often end up making costly mistakes. This is often the case when it comes to plumbing problems.

What may start out as a routine clogged drain or dripping faucet can turn into a much bigger issue from a DIY job gone terribly wrong. When this happens to residents in Honolulu, HI, they count on the reliable plumbers at Fast Rooter Plumbing to help them out of a messy situation. Below, these professionals go over a few of the most common errors people make when working on their plumbing system, so you can avoid doing the same:

  • Not Turning the Water Off: Most plumbing jobs will require the water to be shut off before getting started. However, this is something that is frequently forgotten. Removing a fixture or trying to fix a pipe while the water is still on can result in flooding and potential water damage.


  • Joining Mismatched Pipes: Though it might be possible to repair leaks without the assistance of a plumber, the right materials must be used to do so. Trying to connect two different types of pipes that don’t fit together properly can lead to more leaks, blockages, the corrosion of pipes, or a complete burst.
  • Clearing Drains Incorrectly: Clogged drains are a normal household occurrence. Because they’re so inconvenient, homeowners typically look for a quick fix and turn to store-bought drain cleaners. Over time, the chemicals in these cleaners will start to corrode the pipes and cause irreversible damage.
  • Failing to Follow Local Codes: There are local building codes that all plumbing work must follow. They are designed to protect a home from a failing system. Those who attempt to DIY these types of projects don’t usually have knowledge surrounding these regulations and are unfamiliar with the permits they need to perform the task. This will cause problems later on when it’s time to sell a house, update an insurance policy, or make a claim.  

The wisest thing to do if you have a plumbing issue that needs to be fixed is call a reliable professional to handle the task. For those in Honolulu, HI, the knowledgeable team at Fast Rooter Plumbing is here to help. Give them a call today at (808) 734-4938 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online for a full list of their services. 

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