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3 Reasons to Book a Team Building Event with Artherapy Studios July 12, 2017

3 Reasons to Book a Team Building Event with Artherapy Studios, ,

One of the best ways to boost morale and bring a team closer together is a team building event. Artherapy Studios in St. Louis, MO offers team building events six days a week for groups of ten or more. With Artherapy Studios, you'll have the chance to party, paint, and play, combining expert art instruction with food, drinks, and the chance to kick back. Here are Artherapy's top three reasons to schedule a team building event at their studio. Plus, we will bring the party to you!

Reasons for Artherapy Team Building

1. Decrease Stress

The greater the stress your employee’s experience, the more their performance suffers. Good stress-relief can go a long way to increasing productivity, improving employee attitudes, and making the office a pleasant place to be. Arts and crafts in a no-pressure environment make excellent stress relievers and will have your team laughing and relaxing in no time!

Team building event2. Encourage Creativity

At first glance, a paint party might seem like a childish way to spend an evening—but that's exactly why it's so effective! A simple painting project can be exactly what it takes to get your team thinking in open, creative ways, as well as letting go of fear and embarrassment that can impede them in their work. Spend one night painting with your colleagues, and you may find it's that much easier to make an unusual suggestion at your next meeting.

3. Increase Cooperation

The workplace can become a competitive environment, which isn't always good for team cohesion. A shared activity with no “winners” can help demonstrate that everyone is on the same team. And the paintings each participant will bring home are a great visual reminder of the event—and of your team's shared goals!

If you want to relieve tension and promote teamwork, Artherapy Studios has what you need. To book a team building event, call (314) 249-2800, or visit their website to learn more.

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