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Preventive Dentistry Experts Shed Light on Toothbrush Replacement July 14, 2017

Kailua, Koolaupoko
Preventive Dentistry Experts Shed Light on Toothbrush Replacement, Koolaupoko, Hawaii

One aspect of an effective preventive dentistry regimen is maintaining healthy home care habits. While at-home oral care should include regular brushing and flossing, one thing some individuals overlook is replacing their toothbrushes. You may know how often you should brush, floss, and go for dental checkups, but do you know when to switch to a new brush? The team from Dr. K B Chun & Sons in Kailua, HI, provides insight below.

An important factor to consider is how your toothbrush looks. Performing a quick visual inspection of the bristles every so often is wise—when they become frayed and worn, it’s a definite sign you need to replace it. If you purchased the tool within the last three months and it’s already frayed, it could also indicate you’re brushing too vigorously.

Even if your brush looks to be in decent shape, though, preventive dentistry professionals tend to agree you should get a new one every three months. After this amount of time, they may become worn and lose their efficacy, thus leaving plaque and tartar behind. Keep in mind this timeframe also applies to electric models. For these, replacing the brush head after three months is ideal.

preventive dentistryWhile this schedule tends to suit adults in most circumstances, there are a few additional factors to consider. If you or someone else in your home gets sick, you should purchase new toothbrushes to prevent reinfection or the spread of germs. Additionally, children tend to clean their teeth with more force than adults—swap out little ones’ toothbrushes more often. Again, be on the look out for signs of fraying or wear in the bristles.

The team from Dr. K B Chun & Sons is committed to making your preventive dentistry routine as hassle-free as possible. With a broad range of services, this dentist office is the one-stop center for oral wellness for the whole family. To schedule an appointment, call (808) 261-0813 or visit their website to learn about their additional services. You can also like the practice on Facebook for updates.

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