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A Dentist's Top 5 Tips for Dry Sockets August 1, 2017

Rochester, Rochester, NY
A Dentist's Top 5 Tips for Dry Sockets, Rochester, New York

If you've recently had a tooth extraction, there's a gap in your bite which needs to be treated for it heal. Your dentist will instruct you to avoid dislodging the blood clot which forms in the space—because, if the clot is disturbed, you'll be left with exposed bone and an increased susceptibility to infection. This condition is known as dry socket. If you find yourself dealing with dry socket, Dr. David K. Skeels in Rochester, NY recommends the following remedies to keep the air clean and control pain.

Local Dentist Suggests 5 Dry Socket Remedies

1. Ice Pack

An oldie but a goodie, an ice pack is one of the simplest ways to address pain and inflammation at the extraction site. You shouldn't apply ice directly to the wound, but you can hold it against your face or jaw.

2. Saltwater Rinse

Saline can help keep your wound clean, soothe pain, and gradually aid in the healing process. Start with warm water, then add a little table salt. Gently swish the mixture in your mouth, taking care not to disturb the wound site.

3. Yogurt

DentistYogurt, especially plain and unsweetened, is a great antibiotic. The beneficial microbes will combat any bacteria settling into your socket and help to speed the recovery process.

4. Tea Bag

Tea contains tannic acid, which can help with pain relief. Place a cold tea bag over the empty socket and bite down. The combination of cold, gentle pressure and tannic acid will help provide relief.

5. Peroxide Solution

For even faster pain relief and disinfectant action, swish with a peroxide solution designed for oral use. As a bonus, peroxide is a whitening agent, so you'll be improving your remaining teeth as you treat your dry socket.

Dentists prefer your blood clot stay in place while healing, but if it doesn't, you can at least keep the extraction site comfortable until it's ready for tooth implants. For more advice tailored to you, speak with Dr. David K. Skeels. He makes it a point to continue his education and attend annual events and symposiums to stay current and informed. To schedule an appointment for services, call (585) 467-7000 or send a message online.

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