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Top Trends for Custom Cabinets July 27, 2017

Barnesville, Belmont
Top Trends for Custom Cabinets, Barnesville, Ohio

If there is one thing that can transform your home’s aesthetic, it’s an eye-catching set of custom cabinets. Glossy black cabinets set the scene for a glamorous kitchen, and a rustic bathroom is complete with a series of walnut cabinets. Flag Floors of Barnesville has been the one-stop shop for custom cabinets, windows, and flooring in Barnesville, OH, for over 30 years — and they have all the trendiest pieces in stock.

2017’s Most Popular Trends in Custom Cabinets

Gray is the New White

custom cabinetsBright white has long been the standard for cabinets thanks to their ability to open up a room. However, homes that are looking to break away from the expected are beginning to swap snowy paints for shades of gray. It’s a neutral tone that adds depth and interest to modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Classic Black and White

The high-contrast look of black and white custom cabinets has become a staple in many of 2017’s modern homes. Pair creamy white cabinets with silver pulls, glossy granite counters, and sleek black appliances for a streamlined look that makes a statement.

Funky Hardware

Great news for those who are renovating their homes on a budget — there is no better way to transform an existing set of custom cabinets like new hardware. Swap out your pulls for bronze knobs to instantly add visual interest to a nautical bathroom, or look for mismatched vintage knobs for a touch of old-school flair in the laundry room.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

For a mid-century modern look, swap out your existing wood for metal custom cabinets. A popular home decor choice during the 1960s, they are easy to clean and maintain, and they also have the benefit of never needing to be refaced.

Elevating your home’s look this summer? Flag Floors of Barnesville provides the materials that homeowners need to transform their home renovation project. Their variety of rental installation equipment ensures customer convenience. Head online to view their showroom for design inspiration, or call (740) 425-3344 to discuss your home project.