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5 Ways a Water Birth Eases Labor & Delivery July 20, 2017

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5 Ways a Water Birth Eases Labor & Delivery, Lebanon, Connecticut

Even as the water birth grows in popularity, delivering a newborn in a tub or small pool can feel like a foreign concept. However, Traditional Midwifery Care explains it is actually more aligned with natural childbirth than what a hospital bed delivery can provide. Having witnessed the joy of natural birthing care, this Lebanon, CT, midwife services provider highlights some of the reasons why a water birth can be an exceptional way to welcome your newborn into the world.

5 Benefits of a Water Birth

1. Relaxation

The warm water in the birthing tub or pool provides an incredibly soothing effect that can help relax the muscles and relieve pain during childbirth. As a result, a woman can feel more comfortable and avoid the negative side effects of high stress levels.

2. Facilitates Positioning

The buoyancy of the water helps mothers feel lighter, allowing them to position themselves in ways that wouldn’t be possible in a hospital bed. As a result, women in labor can have more productive contractions and experience increased blood circulation.

3. Privacy    

water birthThe edges of birthing tubs and pools provide a barrier between the mother and others in the room. This can offer a better sense of privacy and allow women to feel more comfortable during childbirth.

4.  Faster Labor

One reason many women opt for water birth is labor typically occurs much faster than what a conventional hospital birth facilitates. This happens because the relaxing environment encourages women to dilate at a faster speed than what would be possible in a high-stress situation.

5. Natural Birth

Since water births promote the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms, women often don’t need epidurals or other pain medications to get through the delivery. By sticking to natural processes, mother and baby can avoid unnecessary exposure to medications. In addition, the mother won’t be disoriented and can enjoy every aspect of her baby’s entrance into the world.

While these benefits certainly showcase the appeal of water births, Traditional Midwifery Care recognizes women are likely to have many more questions about the process. If you’re interested in natural birthing care in Lebanon, CT, this provider is happy to address all your concerns and provide a thorough review of how labor and delivery are managed. To schedule an initial consultation, call a friendly birthing specialist today at (860) 463-7674.

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