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What to Expect With Structure Demolition on Your Property July 14, 2017

Worthington, Franklin
What to Expect With Structure Demolition on Your Property , Worthington, Ohio

Demolition is the loudest, fastest, and, often, most exciting part of a home and commercial remodeling. As tempting as it may sound to grab a sledgehammer and get to work yourself, it’s best to call in a professional remodeling contractor. Years of experience can only help you, and a knowledgeable professional will know what to keep and what to tear out. Demolition may seem straightforward, but you’ll need to do some planning first.

What Should You Expect During Demolition?


demolitionDemolition will produce a lot of dust with all of the breaking materials. Seeing a thick, or even thin, layer of it throughout your home or property can create some anxiety. By hiring a construction company to handle the demolition duties, they’ll clean up the mess, so you won’t have to worry about it.


When scheduling a demolition, warn your neighbors in advance about the potential noise. While a construction company will work during the day, prolonged noise can disturb sensitive people and pets. Professionals can perform the job quickly to limit the amount of noise they make.

Bigger Than Expected

In many cases, you’ll end up completing more work than you thought. For example, if you’re doing some remodeling to open up more space in your home, you’ll want a construction company to strip down the walls. They may notice you need to add extra insulation or do some rewiring, so it makes sense to perform the job as soon as possible.


If you’re designing a renovation project and need help with demolition, call the highly trained contractors at Capstone M.G.T., a remodeling company in Columbus, OH. No matter what project you’re planning, the Franklin County professionals can help. To schedule an estimate, call (614) 551-9339, or visit their website for a complete list of home and commercial remodeling services.