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Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions Builds The Mobile Food Trucks of Today & Tomorrow January 2, 2015

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions Builds The Mobile Food Trucks of Today & Tomorrow , Brooklyn, New York

Over the last couple of years, food trucks have exploded on the dining scene, completely revolutionizing expectations about street food and food in general. This is especially the case in New York City, where “roach coaches” and “street meat” vendors now must contend with an ever-growing variety of healthier and better tasting options. Meeting the demand for custom food trucks is Brooklyn-based Shanghai Mobile Truck Solutions (MKS), a company that excels in food truck design and custom kitchens.

In fact, a few recent projects by Shanghai MKS have been making waves in the food truck scene:

  • Shuka Truck: Started by three Israeli friends, the Shuka Truck specializes in serving shaksuka, an eastern Mediterranean dish that involves a special preparation of poached eggs in a tomato sauce with middle-eastern spices. It's usually served on a pita with additional delicious fixings and sauces—similar to the falafel sandwich, but much more exotic. Parked around 32nd St. and Park Ave., this truck has quickly become a favorite among the business lunch crowd.
  • Snowday: A food truck that is really making a difference, Snowday is run by Drive Change, a New York City organization that trains and employs ex-offenders, in order to keep them out of trouble and help them lead productive lives. It’s not for profit, and all proceeds benefit Drive Change’s many community-minded initiatives. Beyond that, though, this truck sells delicious fare, including pork sliders and grilled cheese, all topped in delectable, locally sourced maple syrup.
  • Kettle Corn: This will certainly be the next big thing to hit New York’s streets. Nercessian Kettle Corn NYC, providers of kettle corn to pop-up shops and street festivals throughout the metropolitan area, is planning on working with Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions to get a couple food trucks going in the area. If you love kettle corn, consider contributing to their Kickstarter campaign, so that they can get up and running, serving this delicious, classic treat.
  • Oink & Moo: Knowing that this country is chock full of amazing takes on barbecue fare, this food truck combines together several different traditions to bring you savory, delicious staples like BBQ Brisket, Pork Sliders, Babyback Ribs and Pulled Pork Tacos. Serving New Jersey and Philadelphia, this truck makes a name for itself the old fashioned way: by serving irresistible food.
  • Bon Me: Originally founded in Boston, this food truck is now breaking into the street scene in Brooklyn. The food served at these four trucks blends traditional Vietnamese recipes with contemporary ingredients and approaches—the bahn-mi is undeniably savory and delicious, and you’ll have trouble finding anything like their miso-braised pull pork.

As you can tell, you can come to Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions with an idea, and see it realized. This unique company is dedicated to working with the client to make sure that he or she gets exactly the food truck that is up for the job. This company also sells a wide range of mobile kitchen products, and performs all necessary repairs.

If you’ve always wanted to start a food truck or cart, Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions is the company to go with. It’s an exciting time in this industry, and you should be part of it. For more information about what Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions can do for you, find them online or call (800) 253-4815.  

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