Lanikepu Ahupua`a, Hawaii

4 FAQs About Septic Tanks July 14, 2017

Lanikepu Ahupua`a, South Kohala
4 FAQs About Septic Tanks, South Kohala, Hawaii

A septic system is an onsite wastewater treatment system that consists of a septic tank, sewer drain, distribution box, and drain field. Most homeowners chose to use a septic tank because their home is located in an area not easily connected to a municipal sewage system. However, they often have many questions, even after their septic systems have been installed. Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service in Hawaii has been providing septic tank services to the residents of the Big Island for more than 10 years. Their technicians have supplied the answers to these frequently asked questions.

A Guide to Septic Tanks

1. How Long Will My Septic Tank Last?

septic tankSeptic systems are designed to last for decades, but they can fail prematurely, especially if they aren’t properly maintained. Septic tanks are durable components of a wastewater treatment system, but they can deteriorate if they aren’t cleaned periodically. In some cases, tree roots can grow into pipes or the tank itself, causing structural damage.

2. How Often Show I Have My Tank Pumped?

The technicians at Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service recommend having your septic tank pumped once every three to five years, but many factors can impact that timetable. For example, the size of your tank matters a great deal. If your tank is used beyond its capacity, meaning it’s small for your household, it should be pumped more frequently. If the system is failing, it should be pumped as soon as possible.

3. How Can I Tell if My Septic System Is Failing?

There can be many signs your septic system is failing, starting with its drain field. If your yard is wet for no apparent reason, your septic tank could be backed up. Other warning signs include backed up sinks and toilets, foul odors inside your house, and drains that are slow to eliminate water.

4. How Can I Prevent That From Happening?

A professional should properly install your septic tank. Septic maintenance is also key. Your septic tank should be inspected once a year, pumped every three to five years, and used properly. Don’t flush substances such as chemicals, pesticides, coffee grounds, cigarettes, or deodorizers down drains. This can prevent the natural breakdown of waste inside the tank.

If your septic tank needs installation, pumping, or repairs in the Kona, HI, area, get in touch with the professionals from Bob’s Sweetwater Pumping Service. They also offer a host of residential and commercial cesspool services. Call (808) 981-5251 and visit their website for more information.

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