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HVAC Installation FAQs February 6, 2018

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
HVAC Installation FAQs, Brooklyn, New York

Your home should be a place to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. But it can be hard to do so if you’re uncomfortable because the indoor temperature isn’t just right. When your heating and cooling system is no longer keeping up with your needs, it’s time to get a new one. Before you start shopping, you probably have questions about HVAC installation, and Premier Cleaning in Westbury and Brooklyn, NY, is here to help. Read on for a few frequently asked questions about HVAC installation to help you prepare.

Top 3 HVAC Installation FAQs

1. Which HVAC System Should I Choose?

There are many heating and cooling systems on the market today and it can be hard to know which to choose. Thankfully, an HVAC technician can evaluate your home needs, such as square footage and design, and recommend several brands they trust. Also, ask about potential rebates or tax credits for your HVAC installation—you may save some money by choosing more energy efficient options.

2. How Much Will HVAC Installation Cost?

HVAC installationSometimes homeowners hesitate to get a new HVAC system because they’re afraid of the cost. However, using older heating and air conditioning units can be more expensive in the long run. Newer systems, on the other hand, are more efficient and help reduce your utility bills. A typical HVAC system can run anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the size and build of your home. Get an estimate before deciding to write off the option of getting a new heating and cooling system.

3. How Long Will It Take?

HVAC installation timing will vary. Some systems are wall-mounted and require only a few screws, while others are built into the home with extensive ductwork and require several hours’ or days’ worth of work. Upon receiving an estimate for your new HVAC installation, you’ll also get a projection of how long it should take. This way, you can prepare to work from a coffee shop if your house is your office or have your kids out for a fun day at the park to avoid any interruptions.

For further questions about HVAC installations and systems, call Premier Cleaning Brooklyn at (917) 275-3280 or Westbury at (917) 275-3280. Or, visit the website to learn about their installation, maintenance, and cleaning services for residences and commercial buildings.

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