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Appliance Repair Company on 3 Reasons Refrigerators Leak July 24, 2017

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Appliance Repair Company on 3 Reasons Refrigerators Leak, Jacksonville East, Florida

You wander downstairs for a late night snack only to find a puddle of water on the ground by your fridge. While the cause is varied, leaks such as these can be addressed through appliance repair

Below, IS Appliance Repair in Jacksonville, FL, shares the top three reasons why refrigerators leak:

  • Leaky Inlet Valve: The inlet valve controls the water that goes into your refrigerator. Sometimes, this part can develop cracks, which causes leaking. Compromised inlet valves can also be caused by poor fit, especially when they’re too loose. Occasionally, low water pressure will also cause leaks, because inlet valves need a pressure of about 20 pounds per square inch to function properly. If you suspect this part is the culprit, give your local appliance repair company a call to check it out.
  • appliance repairDefrost Drain Clog: Your refrigerator’s defrost drain helps carry away melt after each defrost cycle. Unfortunately, debris sometimes get into the drain line, causing clogs. When the defrost drain gets blocked, the water from melted frost will typically pool on the floor surrounding your fridge. Luckily, a refrigerator repair company can easily resolve this issue.
  • Damaged Water Filter Head: As with any appliance, the components in refrigerators can degrade over time. And with water filter heads, the seal sometimes breaks down due to age, developing cracks and becoming less effective. When the seal cracks, water will start to seep through and leak into the water pan, and then overflow onto the floor. If your fridge is fairly old, consider calling your local appliance repair company to have the water filter head inspected. 

For professional refrigerator repair in Jacksonville, FL, reach out to the experts at IS Appliance Repair. Their company has been serving residents since 2000 with dishwasher maintenance and services for commercial refrigeration appliances. Visit them online for more information or give them a call at (904) 553-4090 to make an appointment with a qualified repair technician.

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