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Hydroseeding: 5 Steps to Preventing Erosion July 31, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
Hydroseeding: 5 Steps to Preventing Erosion, Honolulu, Hawaii

Hydroseeding is an easy and effective landscaping method that can be used to control ground erosion. A mixture of seed, fertilizer, water, and chemicals is combined with a hydroseeding mulch to create a slurry that is mechanically sprayed onto the soil. The process works on lawns, construction areas or anywhere the soil is infertile and at risk of damage from rain or wind. The landscaping specialists at Sherwood’s Tree Service in Honolulu, HI, have some information to share on how the hydroseeding method is used to prevent soil erosion.

How Hydroseeding Prevents Erosion in 5 Steps

1. Prepare the Soil

Tilling the soil before the hydroseeding process will increase the ability of the seeds to take root. Germination can be enhanced by tilling, aerating, or adding compost to the earth. After the slurry is applied, germination with take place within two to three weeks.

2. Water Frequently

HydroseedingTo ensure germination, hydroseeded areas require sufficient water. The slurry should be watered twice a day to keep it from getting too dry. The frequency of the watering can be reduced when the grass starts growing.

3. Fertilize Routinely

The slurry contains fertilizer that will be washed away with rain. A high-nitrogen-content fertilizer should be applied every three to four months to feed the soil and grass.

4. Mow Regularly

Grass should be grown to at least 3 inches before the first mowing. Cutting the grass regularly will keep it healthy and encourage new growth.

5. Hire a Professional

Consulting with a professional hydroseeding company is the best way to ensure your lawn receives a high-quality slurry and the regular, necessary maintenance. A trained expert will use specialized equipment during the process to complete the job efficiently and safely.

Are you worried about soil erosion and want to apply a professional hydroseeding treatment? Contact Sherwood Tree Service at (808) 537-9705 to schedule a consultation. They also offer affordable tree removal, stump removal, and tree trimming. Visit them online for more information on their landscaping services.

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