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3 Low-Impact Exercises Home Care Providers Recommend July 20, 2017

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3 Low-Impact Exercises Home Care Providers Recommend, Hebron, Connecticut

Whether you want to build muscle mass, lose weight, or simply have fun exercising, staying active and moving your body at any age has amazing health benefits. For seniors specifically, routine exercise can help with building strength and lowering their risk of injury, as well as reducing stress. The friendly professionals at Staff Mates Homecare are experienced and knowledgeable about the best workouts for seniors. Below, these home care providers give some low-impact exercises you can try with the approval of your doctor.

Home Care Providers List 3 Low-Impact Exercises to Help You Stay Healthy

1. Swimming

Easy on your joints, swimming is a great choice for low-impact exercise because the water makes you feel almost weightless. An endurance exercise with a low risk for injury, swimming conditions the whole body, helping you stretch and strengthen your back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

2. Stretching

Whether you choose to stretch after your walk or participate in a yoga class at the rec center, stretching has numerous benefits for your body. Gently improving your flexibility, stretching every day, even just a little bit, can greatly improve your range of motion and help you avoid injuries.

3. Lifting Weights

home care providerWhile lifting weights can seem intimidating, it’s actually a great way to gain strength and improve your muscle mass. Home care providers recommend starting with a light set of weights and slowly working your way up to heavier ones over time. It’s important to remember to alternate weight lifting with other exercises during the week to let your muscles recuperate.

If you’re looking for a compassionate and caring home care provider to help you with your daily exercise, look no further than Staff Mates Homecare. Serving the Hebron, CT, community and surrounding areas, this home health care agency offers in-home care for the elderly from trusted and experienced caregivers. For more information about their services, contact the helpful staff at (860) 228-4321 or visit them online.

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