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3 Most Popular Fish Types Used in Honolulu's Sushi Platters July 14, 2017

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
3 Most Popular Fish Types Used in Honolulu's Sushi Platters, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sushi platters are the go-to meal for fans of fresh seafood. The specialty can comprise one or multiple types of fish in the form of sushi rolls or a combination of sushi rolls and sashimi. There are also various types of rolls from which to choose created from an assortment of fish types, vegetables, and sauces.

As the leading seafood restaurant in Honolulu, Ahi and Vegetable serves a variety of sushi dishes to their customers on a daily basis. They've taken note of what Hawaii's sushi lovers order most often, so take a look and see how your tastes compare to the islanders'.

Honolulu Fish Lovers’ Top 3 Picks for Sushi Platters

1. Fresh Tuna

Fresh tuna has long dominated the favorites list of Honolulu's sushi fans. Tuna is a type of fish that offers large amounts of omega-3s, which are a type of fat associated with healthy heart functions. This delicious seafood is a staple on nearly every sushi platter. Go for the big kick at your catered event with the spicy ahi platter or get the best of both worlds with the California roll, spicy ahi, and poke combo.

2. Salmon

3 Most Popular Fish Types Used in Honolulu's Sushi Platters | Ahi and Vegetable in Honolulu, HILike tuna, salmon is a local favorite that also provides a host of healthy nutrients such as omega-3s. If you're planning a big function, try a combo platter with sashimi mixed with spicy salmon rolls. For dinner, go with the spicy salmon sushi special that is sure to awaken your taste buds.

3. Hamachi

Hamachi, or Pacific yellowtail, offers a natural butter-like taste that makes it great on its own or combined with other fish. Go for a full-on, yellowtail meal with hamachi sushi platter special. Or, opt for a mash-up feast with a custom combination sushi platter featuring both hamachi and masago rolls.

Got sushi on the brain? Stop by Ahi and Vegetable for the freshest fish in Honolulu. The seafood restaurant offers a variety of sushi platters. From fresh tuna to hamachi, you can expect only high-quality seafood every time you stop by either of their two locations. Browse the menu on their website, or call the restaurant at (808) 845-3500 to learn about the custom platter options.

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