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3 Ways Custom Glass Shelves Help You Make a Style Statement July 20, 2017

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3 Ways Custom Glass Shelves Help You Make a Style Statement, High Point, North Carolina

These days, shelving can be so much more than just a place to set some of your clutter. As the team at Furniture City Glass & Mirror in High Point, NC, explains, installing custom glass shelves won’t just give you more storage space, but it will also help you make a distinct style statement.

Here are three key ways custom glass shelving can make a difference in your home:

  • custom glassBathroom Benefits: Custom glass shelves offer a great style upgrade, but their practicality also helps set them apart for bathroom use. They don’t warp, rot, or crack when exposed to humid bathroom conditions. Unlike other shelving materials, which need to be repaired or replaced as their appearance degrades, custom glass shelving will maintain its quality look and function for years to come. It will fit in perfectly next to a large bathroom mirror and glass shower enclosure.
  • Display Cases: Perfect lighting is key to properly displaying prized memorabilia in display cases and cabinets. Custom glass shelves enable you to make the most of your lighting in these display cases, so your treasured display items always look their best. The use of clear, transparent glass will help your possessions stand out even more, making them a visual centerpiece of the room.
  • A Modern Touch: Regardless of where you install your custom glass shelves, there’s no denying they lend a distinctly modern touch to any part of the house. Their clean, transparent look blends with any home decor style, making them perfect for decorative displays and practical use alike. Whether complementing your new age decor or serving as a subtle method of lending a modern feel to your antique furniture, glass shelves are an ideal decorative option.

From shower doors to custom glass shelves, Furniture City Glass & Mirror can help you transform your home’s appearance. To learn more about the products and services offered by this experienced glass company, visit them online, or call (336) 841-5333 today.

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